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Population (2018 Q3): 2,070,050

Area: 20,273 sq. km

Capital: Ljubljana

National currency: euro (EUR)

International membership: EU, OECD, NATO

GDP growth (2018): 4.4 %

GDP per capita (2017): 20,815 EUR

Human Development Index 2018, UN: 25th most developed country

Global Peace Index 2018: 11th safest country


Slovenian Economy and Business and Investment Climate in Brief

Slovenia is a perfect place for corporate success stories and that’s the reality at hand located at the intersection of the pulsing trade and transport routes. With its broad-based economic growth of just below 4 per cent in 2019, economic sentiment remains buoyant as private and public investments rise and consumers continue to spend thanks also to favourable financing conditions. EU funding will help public investment projects and both residential and commercial property development is on the rise. These trends benefit hob creation and further decline in unemployment to the 2008 level. Headline inflation is expected to be just below 2 per cent this year. And what about exports as the driving force of the country’s economic growth? Still sound but expected to share the fate of its main trade partners.


So, what makes Slovenia so special for doing business and investing? The list of its advantages is quite long, but we believe that what matters most in the 21st century can be summed up in three words: GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.


Think green means effort to achieve the milestones of circular economy and reposition business for the new age and you’ll find out that in Slovenia it is not a bridge too far to cross. Using resource more efficiently, reducing waste, enabling customers to make greener choices are the steps in the right direction. Making our economy more competitive starts with progressive, forward-thinking and leads to transformation, re-engineering, re-positioning and last but not least re-training employees where necessary. And Slovenian people and Slovenian companies have a long tradition in re-inventing themselves. Its brilliant minds in physics and mathematics, its talented and prolific architects and inventors have paved the way for today’s achievements in edgy and innovative sectors. It’s by being free-thinking that we are almost instinctively creative and ready to push the frontiers. Slovenian companies don’t move in packs – they lead the way by targeting niche markets with their highly specialised products thanks to smart specialisation, flexibility and short response time. Since the 1970s, Slovenia has been a valued partner of the best-known corporations from many continents. Its knowledge and manufacturing skills in automotive industry, electrical engineering and electronics, machine engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health technology – to mention just a few – can be a valuable asset to the free-thinkers at start-ups at the cutting edge of the digital age. Artificial intelligence and robotics as drivers of economic development but also cultural and creative sectors are equally important for corporate and personal growth. Political and economic stability, full membership of practically all international associations, educated industrious people and a lot more holds a promise that with the right investor, Goldhorn from Mr. Triglav may one day become a unicorn.




Invest Slovenia - “One-stop-shop” for prospective foreign investors and all those who would like to know more about Slovenia and its huge potential for business development. It provides a wide-angle view of Slovenia’s business environment and its investment climate, but also a focus lens for those looking for a site for development or redevelopment to set up their operations. Information is provided free-of-charge to meet businesses’ specific needs and budgets.


Doing Business in Slovenia 2018 - Comprehensive guide for traders and investors about Slovenian economy and business and investment climate.


SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Fore­ign Investments and Technology


Business Opportunities Exchange System (BORZA) - A virtual business to business meeting point where you can find new business contacts who are either looking for co-operation partners or wanting to sell or buy products and services.


SLOEXPORT - The official Slovenian exporters' directory, bringing together over 4,500 leading Slovenian exporting companies showcases.


Ministry of the Economic Development and Technology  


Ministry of Finance


Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia 


Bank of Slovenia (Slovenian Central Bank) 


Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development


Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) 


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) 


British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC)


Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in London

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