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IN Romania

Top Sectors 


  • key sector in Romania, enjoying a long tradition in the business

  • availability of skilled labour force at competitive prices

  • 23.5 Bn industry size in 2017

  • Romania has two of the world’s leading car producers Renault and Ford

  • almost 600 suppliers

  • profiling itself as one of the regional hubs in automotive



  • growth driver and a big contributor to Romania’s GDP

  • some of the most preeminent international companies in the field, including global players like IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, Endava etc.

  • 5.2% contribution to the GDP

  • 4.0 Bn industry size in 2017

  • the IT specialists represent an significant category in the economic ecosystem, bringing their value- added contribution to the development of other sectors as well, through a horizontal integration of IT in many other industries (concept «Industry 4.0»)

  • the IT sector’s growth made it an enabler to automotive, aerospace, chemicals, agriculture and many others. By creating and further strengthening new or existing partnerships between universities and the business community, we are increasingly becoming part of the Industry 4.0 revolution; profiling itself more and more as a regional hub in IT


  • pillar of strength in putting Romania on the map of innovation

  • 0% income tax for employees in IT&C and R&D

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