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IN Poland

Top Sectors 



The Automotive sector is one of the key branches of the Polish economy. Its significance is reflected in the labor market. Around 180,000 people work in the automotive manufacturing industry, making it the fourth largest industrial employer in the country.

During the last decade the Polish market has attracted numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Car production in Poland concentrates in two industrial hubs: Upper Silesia (Fiat and Opel facilities), and the Greater Poland region (VW).

BSS (Business Services Sector)


Business Services Sector, consisting of BPO, IT, SSC and R&D companies, is one of the fastest developing industry in Poland. It benefits from global trend of centralization of back office functions, where availability of skilled and dedicated employees together with labor costs arbitrage are the most important factors when deciding about future locations of business.

Business Services Sector operates mainly (with 90% of workforce deployed there) in seven cities and metropolitan areas (MAs): Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice MA, Tri-city MA, Łódź and Poznań. In each of those, the sector employs over 10,000 people.

Research and Development (R&D)


In 2017, gross national spendings for Research & Development (R & D) (GERD) amounted to PLN 20.6 billion (according to the Statitics Poland), the R&D intensity ratio (GERD / GDP) was 1.03% and was higher by 0.06 pp. compared to the previous year. The R & D sector in Poland is promising and dynamic, the advantage are qualified employees and large academic centers. Big investors in Poland, who are the recipients of new solutions, are also important part of innovation environment.



The Aerospace industry in Poland is one of the growing areas of the Polish economy. This growth is driven by a global demand for products manufactured in Poland as well as the local demand underpinning the increasing number of airline passengers and development of associated infrastructure.

Manufacturing in this industry is concentrated in the Polish Aviation Valley – a specialized industrial cluster in the South- East part of Poland with a concentration of aerospace manufacturers, scientific research centers and educational and training facilities, with over 100 operating companies and more than 23 thousand employees. The Aviation Valley generates ca. 90% of Polish aviation industry production.


Polish IT industry is one of the most important sectors of the national economy, with high fundamental principles and future growth prospects. Some aspects like state budget compensation, the specialist available or the rapid development of the market are influencing the industry. That is the main reason why companies started to be interested in the Polish market.

One of the strongest advantages of the Polish market is human capital. Even if the labor costs in Poland are between 20-50% lower than the ones in Western Europe, the factor that distinguishes those two regions is the high quality of services provided by Polish specialists. The talent and skills of young professionals are often proven by the results of international programming competition, such as Hello World Open, The International Olympiad in Informatics etc.

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