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Investment climate in Poland

Poland is a perfect place to invest and develop business. International reports emphasize the economic and political stability of Poland, educated and competent staff and a large internal market. Poland is a trustworthy and reliable partner for international businesses. Poland’s exceptional business and investment opportunities attract investors from Western Europe as well as from the US and Asia.


Poland's investment attractiveness results from many factors:

  • Unique strength of Polish human capital. Well-educated Polish economists, engineers, IT specialists and scientists are highly valued and sought after employees of IT companies, research and development centres and scientific institutes. Every year the number of graduates of Polish universities is growing, including the faculties most sought after by companies investing in technologically advanced industries.

  • Diversification of the economy. Diversification of production, service and agricultural enterprises. Finding economic partners in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, IT, food processing, electronics and finance is not a problem in Poland.

  • Macroeconomic stability (stability of public finances and economic predictability). Poland is the only country in Europe to have avoided the crisis, and public finances remain in a much healthier condition than the EU average. Stability and security guaranteed by NATO and EU membership make Poland a credible and important business partner for foreign investors.

  • High quality of the manufactured products and services. Flexibility of entrepreneurs in meeting even the most rigorous quality and industry standards.

  • Large internal market. Poland is the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe and the 6th largest in Europe with over 38 million consumers.

  • Strategic location in the centre of Europe. Easy access to both the European Union market of 500 million consumers and Eastern European countries. Poland enjoys a good competitive position and high attractiveness as a production site. Producers have unlimited access to the whole European market and they enjoy access to a quickly improving infrastructure. The cost of labour, although gradually increasing, is still lower than in Western European, but the quality and consequently the productivity of Polish workers is constantly improving, making it one of the most competitive countries in Europe.

  • Poland offers a number of investment incentives to foreign companies. It is worth mentioning here the new act on supporting new investments. It changed the rules of operation of special economic zones. The regulation extended the area where it is possible to obtain investment incentives for the whole territory of Poland.

  • Poland is also attractive for tourists and amateurs of active leisure. The diverse landscape of individual regions of our country and the possibility to choose different forms of recreation from sea baths, sailing on lakes, skiing and mountain climbing, attract tourists from distant countries to Poland.


Confirmation of a favourable investment climate in Poland:

  • According to the American CEO WORLD Magazine, Poland is the second best place to do business. Our country was only overtaken by Malaysia. Poland scored the most points in the categories of openness of business (95/100) and technological readiness (84/100). Our country was also appreciated in the area of freedom of movement and the tax system.

  • According to last joint PAIH, Grant Thornton and HSBC report, 92% of investors are satisfied with the decision to invest in Poland and would make this again. They appreciate especially Poland’s stable macroeconomic environment and favourable business environment.

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