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Top Sectors 

Digital and ICT


Bulgaria holds third place in Europe and tenth position worldwide in terms of the absolute  number of certified ICT professional.  Among many achievements over the years, the country has been recognised as Offshoring Destination of the Year by the Global Sourcing Association, the number two destination in Europe by A.T. Kearney for global services and number three worldwide by Cushman & Wakefield for outsourcing.

The ICT sector employs 65,000 specialists and generates 2,4% of GDP.    Bulgaria features  the  highest  number  of  fintech  companies  in  South-Eastern Europe. Over 70 fintech companies operate in the country, most of them in the capital of Sofia.  All  main technologies can be sourced in the country (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, iOS, Android, Unity, html, .Net, etc).



The country has attracted an impressive number of automotive suppliers.  Currently 300 companies operating in the sector have created more than 50,000 jobs.  Among the leading investors are Leoni AG, Behr-Hella, Thermocontrol, Bosch, Magna, Visteon, Melexis, Sensata Technologies, ABB, Montupet, Witte Automotive, Yazaki and Dekra Automotive.  22 newly established R&D Centres provide solutions in embedded control systems, robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine building


The country boasts established traditions and experience in the sector with over 50,000 employees.  Component producers supply high precision and endurance parts for various European customers.  A number of large international companies have discovered Bulgaria as the best destination for their business in Eastern Europe - SKF, Montupet, IXETIC, Palfinger, Festo, Se Bordnetze, Yazaki, Lufthansa, Grammer, Witte and many others.

Many successful Bulgarian owned companies offer competitive products globally - ZMM Sliven, Arsenal, M+S Hydraulic, Hydraulic Elements and Systems, Podemcrane, Sparky, Litex Motors, Bulyard, Shipyard Rousse, Madara and many others.

The ecosystem of local and multinational companies establishes a unique environment where productivity, ingenuity and innovation in manufacturing are thriving.

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